Flesh Vehicle

August 14 • Northside Tavern

Aug 12, 2010 at 2:06 pm

If singer/songwriter/guitarist John Davis is the face and voice of Knoxville’s criminally underrated Pop Rock heroes Superdrag, then Tom Pappas is the pulsing vein, the bouncing stage presence and, most definitely, the unruly hair of the band (Pappas is kinda Bootsy to John’s George Clinton). Pappas was Superdrag’s original bassist, but left the band in the late ’90s (when Elektra dropped the group) and began to focus more on his punkier side-project, Flesh Vehicle, in which he sang and played guitar. As Superdrag went the indie-label route, Pappas sharpened Flesh Vehicle’s energized Pre-Punk/early Punk/Classic Power Rock sound and eventually rejoined the ’Drag a couple of years ago when they returned in original-lineup form. With Superdrag on break again, Pappas is pulling the Vehicle out of the garage and making his way to the Northside Tavern (4163 Hamilton Ave., Northside) Saturday for a free show with locals The Mighty and The Western. At Superdrag concerts, Pappas is always “the show within the show,” a quipping jumping bean of adrenaline (capped by a huge ’fro, making it easier to keep track of him), but with Flesh Vehicle, he’s front and center, making for what should be a highly entertaining night of no-BS Rock & Roll. 513-542-3603.