Gaelic Storm

Feb. 23 • Bogart's

If you are getting anxious to see strangers hugging, hear the sound of finger rolls on a fiddle or taking a few nips of Jameson, don’t panic. You don’t have to wait for St. Patty’s Day. Just try giving Gaelic Storm a listen.

At first glance, Gaelic Storm looks like a fairly traditional Irish band. On stage with the drum kit and guitar you’ll see an accordion and fiddle. And, yes, that noise that sounds like someone strangling a Canadian goose (melodically) is coming from bagpipes. No, don’t worry —  they probably won’t play “Amazing Grace.” Gaelic Storm is far too rowdy for that.

While the band does sometimes lean towards the traditional side, there isn’t much else about Gaelic Storm that is rooted in the past.  They know how to rock. Singing songs about conniving Irish vixens or their favorite drunken fan, Gaelic Storm can turn a room full of American strangers into old Irish drinking buddies.

Gaelic Storm’s 2010 album, Cabbage, placed in the Top 20 on Billboard’s World Music Chart and iTunes Overall Album Chart.  If you need more proof of its ramblin’ rover ways, just take a look at the band’s tour page, which shows them spending the next month and a half on the road, bringing the party with them and leaving hangovers in their wake.

P.S.: No, the accordion player is not a Weasley.

GAELIC STORM plays Thursday, Feb. 23 at Bogart's. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here .

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