Gregory and the Hawk with Chris Haubner and more

Thursday • Southgate House (Parlour)

Nov 19, 2008 at 2:06 pm

When multi-instrumentalist and native New Yorker Meredith Godreau first began performing live, she conceived the moniker Gregory and the Hawk as a way of disguising her singer/songwriter status and avoiding those inevitable associations. By the time Godreau assembled an actual band and played the Brooklyn show where she was “discovered” by FatCat Records, she already had recorded and self-released an EP and album (Boats and Birds and In Your Dreams, respectively) of her exquisite acoustic bedroom Pop. Legions of MySpace fans had already posted a dozen and a half pages of their own cover versions of her moving songs.

For the just-released Moenie and Kitchi, Godreau and her current band (guitarist Mike McGuire and multi-instrumentalist Susan Ambrose) were joined in the studio by a host of contributors, but the lion’s share of the album’s instrumentation was provided by producer Adam Pierce, taking a busman‘s holiday from his role as Mice Parade frontman. The result is an engaging set of songs that drift along on Godreau’s intimate Pop vibe, shimmering with the insistent familiarity of tomorrow’s Old Navy commercial and propelled by her compellingly whispered vocals and inscrutably crafted lyrics.

Fans of Elliott Smith, Lisa Loeb, Regina Spektor and Mazzy Star have flocked to make Gregory and the Hawk an online sensation; before signing with FatCat, Godreau had no label, management or publicity structure in place to advance her career, essentially because she didn’t require it. By the time she inked her deal, she’d already sold 15,000 copies of her releases and had been making her living as a musician.

To experience Gregory and the Hawk is to be affected at a molecular level, the surest mark of the best kind of music.

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