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Punk Rock covers a lot of serious, meaty topics — individualism, anger, materialism, rebellion. But as Guttermouth has proven, Punk Rock can also be about spitting in the face of propriety for the sheer pleasure of it: They are reportedly banned in Canada and have a song about a donkey sex show.

Led by vocalist Mark Adkins — the sole holdover from the Huntington Beach, Calif.-rooted band’s beginnings — the definitive example of Guttermouth’s attitude is “Lipstick,” from the group’s fourth full-length album, 1997’s Musical Monkey.

In the weirdly downbeat-sounding song, the narrator, who we can presume is a kid or some kind of man-child, utterly hates his mother. Because she tells him to get out of bed and get a job, the narrator tosses a phone at her and threatens to tell the authorities she’s abusing him. “You’re worthless/You’re lazy/You’re stupid/A little overweight/Now gimme twenty bucks,” Adkins whines.

By the song’s end, Mom is in the slammer, with her demonic offspring having pawned off her valuables to pay for hookers.

Additionally, the narrator watches dogs mate on his mom’s bed. “Lipstick” is a vindictive, twisted song — and also weirdly compelling and memorable. Elsewhere in the Guttermouth canon, there are some solid Punk songs, like the high-octane break-up jam “Whiskey” and the hooky, crisp “She’s Got the Look.”

The unruly outfit hasn’t issued a record since 2006’s Shave the Planet, but in a recent interview, the members indicated they’re assembling one for a fall release.

Maybe the world will finally get that “Lipstick” sequel it has long craved.

GUTTERMOUTH plays Southgate House Revival on Monday, April 14. Tickets/more info here .

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