Henhouse Prowlers with Blue Caboose

Thursday • Stanley’s Pub

Jan 29, 2014 at 11:50 am

Chicago is the home base of the Henhouse Prowlers, a group

with a modern outlook when it comes to Bluegrass, injecting an open-minded approach into many of their tunes while still ripping a traditional groove on others. The group’s latest album is called Breaking Ground, produced by Chi-town Bluegrass legend Greg Cahill.

The Prowlers are made up of Ben Wright on banjo, Jon Goldfine on bass, Dan Andree on fiddle and Milwaukee native Starr Moss on guitar. Like a lot of younger bands, they came to Bluegrass later in life. Wright bought a banjo at 23 out of the blue and fell in love with it. Andree has a degree in Ethnomusicology and grew up learning the Suzuki violin method before making the turn to fiddle. Goldfine played the tuba, electric bass and harmonica as a kid while under the tutelage of musician parents. And Moss was an electric guitarist before he discovered Bluegrass and Celtic music in high school.

Because of their belief in the power of music education, the Prowlers have developed a Bluegrass Music in the Schools curriculum that they have performed for students in Illinois, and they also just returned from Africa where they toured with the U.S. State Department’s American Music Abroad program.