Holiday-ish Local Music Events This Weekend in Northside

Santamania at Northside Yacht Club and TossedSalad at Northside Tavern offer unique live music experiences this weekend

click to enlarge Swim Team plays Santamania 2017 on Friday. - Photo: Jesse Fox
Photo: Jesse Fox
Swim Team plays Santamania 2017 on Friday.
This weekend in Northside there’s a holiday feast of local music taking place — although in this case, the salad comes at the end and, really, the holiday tie-ins are more just in spirit (and, in the first case, name).

• If you’re a Cincinnati music fan (particularly of the Punk variety, though various points in between and beyond are also showcased), Santamania may well be more your speed. Returning Friday and Saturday to Northside Yacht Club (4227 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,, Santamania 2017 features more than two-dozen acts — including several bands from other parts of the Midwest — on five stages each night. Admission to the fifth-annual event is $10.

On Friday, music begins at 5:30 p.m. on the “Freezer” stage, which features performances by Brain Dead Breath, Menstrual Munchies, Hateflirt and Two Inch Winky, while N6664, Off The Meat Rack and Vampire Weekend At Bernie’s rock the “Kitchen” stage. Friday’s Upstairs stage lineup includes Hostik, Raging Nathans, Pout, Cross Country, Coelacanth and Room 101 and the “Green Room” stage has Black Planet, Ball of Light, Sok, Tit, Smut and Leggy. On the Main Stage Friday are The Obnoxious Boot, Hissing Tiles, Rubythroat, Swim Team, Treason and The Dopamines.

Torn’d Up Dudes kick things off Saturday at 4:20 p.m. on the Freezer stage, which also features Kicked Out, Push Off and Flesh Mother. The Kitchen stage has Josh Goodloe, Lazy Ass Destroyer and Randall Garbage on Saturday, while the Green Room stages hosts Actual Italians, Nuclear Hollercaust, Crime of Passing, Sega Genocide, PJ Baby and Frustrate. Saturday’s Upstairs lineup features Narrow//Arrow, Shellshag, Mardou, Hyper Tensions, The Touch and Slutbomb, while Casteless, Eugenius, Fuck You Pay Me, DSA, Bad Taste, By Force and Vacation are on the Main Stage.

Northside Yacht Club hosts a brunch party Sunday, with music starting on the Main Stage at 3 p.m. Artists performing include Spike, John Hays, Post-Church Life, Bill James In His  Own Mind, Toby Foster, John Hoffman and Al Scorch.

• If you’re Santamania-ing all weekend and want to keep the jolliness going (and support a good cause in the process), you can hit up Northside Tavern (4163 Hamilton Ave., Northside, at 8:30 p.m. Sunday for the special TossedSalad event, a unique concept that raises food and funds for the Freestore Foodbank, a nonprofit that provides food and other services for needy area children and families.

TossedSalad features six “pop-up” bands, each consisting of several local musicians from a variety of Cincinnati bands. Just as each musician was randomly assigned to a band, the cover song choices each band has to perform (submitted by the public, along with a $1 donation to the cause) were drawn for the groups, who then had two months to learn them. The bands have been encouraged to come up with unique arrangements and ideas for the songs (as well as costumes and band names), and a panel of judges will chose a winner at the end of the night.

The bands/performers/songs slated for TossedSalad are Trash Santa, featuring Emily Ash, Warren Harrison, Sarah Hanselmann, Tim Miller and Sarah Gorak, who will play a Rod Stewart and Fugazi song; Rogue Xanax, featuring Jess Lamb, Mike Stankovich, Allen Whitt, Jared Dean Stephens and Abby Vice, who are set to perform “Hound Dog” and an Isley Brothers tune; SoftRadio, which consists of Nancy Paraskevopoulos, Jaki Howser, Chase Watkins, Charles D’Ardenne and Kate Wakefield doing songs by Roberta Flack and The Buggles; Stranger Danger, which so far has Monica West, Kerstin Bladh and Andrew Aragon playing a Living Color and an Ace of Bass song; Plastic Hassle, featuring Molly Sullivan, Kent Meloy, Andrew Boylan, Yemi Oyediran and Melissa Fox playing Prince and Echo and the Bunnymen songs; and Sassy Carafe, which will have Sarah Daigneault, Jude Hayden, Yusef Quotah, Pierce Carver and Brianna Kelly playing Elastica and Toots & the Maytals.

Admission is $5 or five canned or boxed food items (or personal care items), which will be donated to the Freestore.

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