Hope for Preemies, No New Stones & New Kid OK

Researchers find that live music, played or sung, can help with the development of premature babies, Mick Jagger says no new Stones album, but Keith says, "Uh, yeah," and some in the media actually took time to report on boy band members/runners' non-inj

Apr 17, 2013 at 9:34 am
click to enlarge No new album for The Rolling Stones on this tour, but they'll definitely have new T-shirts
No new album for The Rolling Stones on this tour, but they'll definitely have new T-shirts


Premature Illumination

The New York Times reported that a new study found that premature babies benefit medically from live music. Don’t expect to see flocks of parents taking their infants to Coachella; the study found that the babies responded to lullaby-like sounds “played or sung” in the same room. Researchers — led by Beth Israel Medical Center — taught parents how to “transform their favorite tunes into lullabies,” resulting in calmer breathing, slowed heartbeats and better alertness and sleeping. The stress reduction allowed the premature children to “devote more energy to normal development.”


Rolling Into Irrelevancy?

Mick Jagger has earned the right to retire, but he knows which side his already well-buttered bread is buttered well on, so The Rolling Stones’ cash-grab 50th anniversary tour is a go. But, according to Jagger, those attending the concerts to hear new material (all three of ‘em) will be disappointed. Jagger told USA Today he doesn’t think fans are interested in a new Stones album. But Keith Richards, in the same interview, disagreed, saying, “The world needs more Stones records. So do I.” Jagger may be realistic in his read on the Stones’ audience, but it’s hard to understand how an artist could turn his back on creativity. Hopefully Keef gets his way; if the Stones never record new material, they’ll finally become the well-paid oldies revue band they’ve been dangerously close to becoming for about 30 years now. Even Night Ranger (on tour now!) has continued to create. Nothing “good,” but still …


New Kid OK; Media … Not So Much

In the face of a terror attack, we’re always told to carry on and not let the events change our day-to-day, lest the “terrorists win.” So when the first “New Kids on the Block Member Joey McIntyre Uninjured in Boston Marathon Explosion” headline came across the news wires (a.k.a. Twitter feeds) of entertainment reporters within a couple of hours of the explosions, we almost don’t blame them for “reporting” the info immediately, just as they would any other “boy band member almost dies” story. But we also wish we’d never acquired such knowledge on a day that should put all of our lives in perspective, even if Joey is from Boston (or so our piles of vintage New Kids on the Block fan magazines tell us).