Into It. Over It. with Kevin Devine and Laura Stevenson

Wednesday • Southgate House Revival

Feb 18, 2015 at 11:50 am
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Into It. Over It.

If you ever get the feeling you’ve got too much going on in your life, give yourself a reality check with a glance at Evan Weiss’ resume. The Into It. Over It. frontman (often only man) has been a music fan since elementary school, falling hard for Emo in seventh grade after getting a taste of Sunny Day Real Estate. Weiss’ first post-high school band morphed into The Progress, which enjoyed some regional success on the East Coast but eventually disbanded due to lack of commitment.

The fully committed Weiss formed Into It. Over It. as a solo project in 2008, beginning with the herculean 52 Weeks recording project, making a song every week for a year. Weiss followed that with 2011’s Twelve Towns, a dozen small city-named songs spread over six split releases before releasing his debut studio effort, Proper, the same year. Intersections, Into It. Over It.’s 2013 sophomore album, garnered a good deal of critical acclaim and furthered the perception of Weiss as crucial to the resurrection of Emo in the 21st century.

In addition to the volume of Into It. Over It. work (including EPs, splits, compilation contributions and limited release cassettes), Weiss stays busy with a variety of other band activities, including Their/They’re/There, with Owen’s Mike Kinsella and Loose Lips Sink Ships’ Matthew Frank, and Pet Symmetry, with Dowsing’s Erik Czaja and Marcus Nuccio. Stay Ahead of the Weather, a band Weiss formed with his Into It. Over It. touring entourage, has since gone on hiatus with the road band’s dissolution. Without full band accompaniment, Weiss is returning to his original one-man/one-guitar concept for the current Into It. Over It. tour, which also features solo sets from Kevin Devine and Laura Stevenson.

INTO IT. OVER IT. plays at Southgate House Revival  Wednesday, Feb.18. Find tickets/more info here .