JEFF the Brotherhood

Nov. 16 • Bogart's

Nov 8, 2012 at 3:42 pm

JEFF the Brotherhood's strangely typeset, non-acronymic name is part fabrication and part truth. No one in the two-piece is named Jeff, but a brotherhood is at its core. The offspring of Robert Ellis Orrall (a singer who had minor Top 40 singles in decades past and has written for Taylor Swift and Reba McEntire), Jamin and Jake Orrall, are Massachusetts-born but Tennessee-bred. Their prolific group is as good a sigil as any of all the unfettered excitement coming from Nashville's Garage Rock scene. (Related artists of note include Pujol, Turbo Fruits and Natural Child.)

Despite JEFF having a sound rooted in lovingly curated fuzz and appetizing, Cheap Trick-indebted Power-Pop (imagine a grimier version of Blue Album-era Weezer taking a bubble bath in the Fountain of Youth), the Orralls' look and vibe brings to mind dudes who cranked up Sabbath and sparked a Mothra-themed bong in the family room circa 1971.

The band's origins trace back to 2001, but the Brotherhood didn't start acquiring notoriety until issuing Heavy Days in 2009. Along the way, the duo has also dedicated the past decade to overseeing Infinity Cat, a DIY label that has issued 70-plus items and now has distribution ties to JEFF's more prominent label home, Warner Bros. Records.

Hypnotic Nights, the act's seventh and latest full-length, is versatile with its moods, but live, expect full-energy-ahead, grin-generating party Rock.

JEFF the Brotherhood performs Friday, Nov. 16 at Bogart's in Corryville with Delta Spirit and FIDLAR. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.