JuiceheaD with The Misfits

Oct. 17 • Southgate House

Should you ever feel like wasting a few hours researching an infinite list of obscure musicians, MySpace is the place to go. The Web site is jammed with so many bands in so many different genres that distinguishing yourself can be difficult. JuiceheaD, however, is one of the fortunate sorts who struck gold via MySpace.

A few years ago, the Chicago Punk band posted a message on the page of Misfits Records, which led producer/Osaka Popstar leader John Cafiero to them. Soon, JuiceheaD was signed to the label and Cafiero was producing a single for the band. The trio has since played alongside The Adicts and The U.K. Subs, and they’re currently supporting Misfits (the band’s label’s namesake) on a national run. Sometime this fall, Misfits Records is scheduled to issue a new JuiceheaD album called How to Sail a Sinking Ship.

Even with that major stroke of luck, the band’s growth hasn’t come without work, as they’ve been developing a melodic and scrappy Punk sound since the early 2000s.

“We look up to the Mike Pattons of the world, the people who never stop evolving, the people who sleep, eat and breathe music,” guitarist/vocalist Rob Vannice says of the Faith No More leader. “(Our music is about) having a good time, but (it’s) not just mind-numbing fun. People can come and hear the fast-paced music, but the intellectuals can get something different out of it.”

He’s elusive about what exactly those intellectual matters entail (declaring “The terrorists are in The White House” in “Internal Bleeding” hints at his songwriting POV) but Vannice does cite “personal responsibility” as one of his key themes. Still, a question stands — what compelled Cafiero to pull JuiceheaD (that capital D is for “symmetry reasons”) from out of nowhere? Vannice attributes it to a “spark” in their music.

“Whatever it is,” Vannice says, “I feel it when I play it and people feel it when they listen to it. I wish I knew (what it was) because I’d start three more bands just like this one.”

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