Justin Moore

Nov. 15 • Bank of Kentucky Center


Country music is bursting at the seams with hot, young men, but Justin Moore isn’t just another name soon to fade away. He’s the real thing and he’s here to stay.

Moore’s music defines him as your average good ol’ boy. He has a rowdy side that comes out in songs like “I Could Kick Your Ass.” But he also shows off a more poignant side with songs about things like honoring commitments (“Til My Last Day”). His newest single, “Point at You,” shows Moore as the clichéd redneck with a soft spot for the redneck girl at his side. 

Electric guitars backing him or not, this is not a Rock star with an accent. The 29-year-old Arkansas native is all twang and shit-eating grins that will make a girl weak in her knees. His very essence is that of a real cowboy and a true country boy. That might have something to do with the fact that he grew up on a cattle farm, though.

Moore moved to Nashville, Tenn., fresh out of high school and immediately became successful as a songwriter for others. A few years later, he signed to Big Machine Records and released his breakout hit, “Smalltown U.S.A.” The rest isn’t so much “history” as it is “present.” (Pro tip: Try not to let him talk you into anything during “Bed of My Chevy.”)

JUSTIN MOORE plays with Randy House and Josh Thompson Friday, Nov. 15 at the Bank of Kentucky Center in Highland Heights, Ky. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here .

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