Kottonmouth Kings with La Coka Nostra

March 14 • Bogart's

Mar 11, 2009 at 2:06 pm

There’s no other way to cut it: The Kottonmouth Kings love marijuana, and they do it as unabashedly and as loudly as legally possible. They have songs like “We Got the Chronic,” “Proud to be a Stoner,” and “Where’s the Weed At?” Album titles include 1998’s Royal Highness, 2000’s High Society, 2002’s Rollin’ Stoned and last October’s The Green Album. In 2006, High Times christened them “Band of the Year.” Stoner culture even somehow seems to permeate their choice of current tourmates (one of whom is named “Potluck”).

The only thing that this septet is committed to more than their beloved ganja is their music. The Orange County-bred Kings perform an unusual blend of genres that they dub “Rip Hop.”

In the understanding of mic man Brad “Daddy X,” “Rip Hop is a style we created when we fused old school hardcore Punk Rock and Hip Hop into one song. There were a lot of people doing Rap Rok and mixing Metal with Rap. No one I have ever known has mixed Punk and Hip Hop.”

The resulting concoction is occasionally light-hearted, often seedy and heavy on both swagger and sound effects. Hip Hop names as varied as Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog, Kansas City heavyweight Tech N9Ne and Faygo-spraying titans the Insane Clown Posse have occupied guest spots on their records.

The Kings’ two interests have come into collision before. On a previous tour, the group was on their way to a show from Cleveland to Columbus when they were pulled over by the police. Cops searched their bus and dug up a few personal stashes and paraphernalia yet all the group received essentially amounted to “a ticket.” Violation in hand, they hit the road again and still made it to the show in time. That’s dedication.

Potheads aren’t the only kinds of folks interested in their live experience. The crowd the Kings apparently attracts is a “a fun-loving bunch of free-thinking people who like to enjoy life. All types of people, all age groups,” X declares proudly. “It’s a party every night.”

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