LISTEN: Cincinnati Music Releases – April ’17 Playlist

Springtime has brought a fresh crop of new releases by Cincinnati-area artists like Moonbow, Modern Aquatic, The Upset Victory, Young Butta and more

Apr 28, 2017 at 2:54 pm

As 2017 glides along, the pace is picking up in terms of the quantity of releases coming out of the Greater Cincinnati music scene. And the quality has not suffered in the slightest, as CityBeat’s April roundup of tracks from new releases that caught our attention attests.

This month’s playlist includes a couple of tracks from Ignite the Rest, the first full-length from R. Ring (featuring longtime area music-maker/engineer Mike Montgomery and Dayton, Ohio’s Kelley Deal), a new single from impressive Indie Rock crew Modern Aquatic, a couple of cuts from heavy, soulful rockers Moonbow’s brand new LP, the first single from all-star Hip Hop duo Sons of Silverton (due next month), a song from songwriter/educator Jim Gillum’s Soak It Up album and tracks from the latest by melodic Rock squads The Upset Victory and Friday Giants (just released today). Other songs that grabbed our ear include new ones from local Hip Hop talents LantanaEasy, Young Butta and Yosiah Johnson, plus tracks from great newer bands Siren Suit, Talk Mouth and The Night Divided (which is playing a free show tonight at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, Ky.).

Not enough? Then do yourself a favor and check out some samples from a pair of absorbing albums we reviewed in recent issues of CityBeatJoesph’s Temples and A Delicate Motor’s Fellover My Own.

Be sure to click on the links in the playlist and support and explore more music from the artists. And keep an eye on all of our monthly playlists, as more tracks are sometimes added (here’s January, February and March).