LISTEN: Cincinnati Music Releases - January ’17 Playlist

January was a good month for local music releases, with new ones from The Yugos, Heavy Hinges, Xzela & Devin Burgess and more

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Looking over some of the new releases by Cincinnati musicians in the first month of 2017, it felt like the new year was moving quickly. Didn’t I just review the great new EP from Joey Cook’s Joesph project yesterday? But then I remembered that Donald Trump has only been president for one week, and realized that — if the dozen-or-so news notifications I get on my phone every day related to the latest presidential shenanigan are any indication time is going to be crawling for the foreseeable future.

Don’t waste too much energy on outrage just yet. You'll be needed at full capacity when the shit really comes down.

In the meantime, in lieu of looking at puppy pictures on Facebook, why not delve into some of the top-notch music released by Greater Cincinnati artists in the past month? Check out the below playlist for some of the new local music tracks and you’ll hear that we’re off to a really good start, with new efforts from The Yugos (read our interview with the band here), Devin Burgess & Xzela (review here), the aforementioned Joesph (review here), Heavy Hinges (review here) and Telehope (review here), plus other recent tracks that caught our attention from Nate Perkins, Season Ten and Static Tension. (The Grove also put out a strong new EP; read our review here and check out a track from it courtesy of a free download at We’ll add a track to the playlist when the EP is made public.)

Check back next month for more wintertime tunes from the Cincinnati area's rich local music scene (barring an executive order to shut down all non-government-affiliated press outlets).



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