Listen: Massive Nights Releases New Album, "Trash Pop"

Locals hit upon pop bliss with hip-hop sensibility

click to enlarge Massive Night's newest album "Trash Pop" is available on Spotify now. - Photo: provided by Massive Nights
Photo: provided by Massive Nights
Massive Night's newest album "Trash Pop" is available on Spotify now.

Even though it released at the tail end of the season, local hip-hop group Massive Nights' newest album "Trash Pop" is overflowing with summer jams. There's an undeniable harmonic drive to these poppy hip-hop tunes, a comfortable mix of equal parts Wiz Khalifa and Blink-182. Starkly different styles intermingle, but their melding is complimentary. As they recite on "Peach Bellini" at the front of the album: "We can still mix it up/ Red and blue Icee."

As you listen through, there's a keen sense of nostalgia with a heavy dose of humor. Lyrically, on top of partying, love, drugs and other hip-hop go-tos, there are even video game references spanning Street Fighter to PaRappa the Rapper (a semi-obscure Playstation rhythm game starring a rapping dog who wears a beanie cap). The album is, in a very positive way, like listening to your old weed dealer relive their glory days at the 20-year high school reunion.

The group's got solid hooks on every track, the kind of album you'd want to sing along with in order to revitalize your spirits on the eleventh hour of a long road trip. Special props go to the backing beats, whose production quality shows true professionalism.

With anthemic bangers like "Luxury," Massive Nights is aiming high — accessible, catchy and impeccably mixed, they're setting themselves up for widespread reception. All dressed up and ready to party, Massive Nights may just stay up past sunrise.

"Trash Pop," the newest album by Massive Nights, is available on Spotify.

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