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Sweaty and nasty, Tim Willig goes it alone

Jan 23, 2008 at 2:06 pm
Shawn Abnoxious

Local musician Tim Willis

Let's begin with the planet Saturn and an unexplainable 25,000 kilometer-wide polygon at the planet's north pole. Or maybe start with the strange radio emissions that were also recorded there by the Cassini probe in 2003.

Yeah, that's a good start. Polygons and noise.

No, let's start off with Dolly Parton. Tim Willig likes Dolly. Pictures of her are all over his refrigerator. It's the first thing you see when entering his bohemian residence.

He offers me something to drink but admits that he can provide only a swig from his Mountain Dew two-liter or tap water. It's all he has, but he feels he has to offer.

He calls this apartment home, and it also serves as a base of operations for his beloved solo musical project. But really let's back this up a bit. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

"Outer space is the place," Willig says.

It all began with Get Sweaty, one of those bands everyone takes for granted. Everything seemed to be falling in place for them — great CD, lots of shows and talk around town.

But it all didn't last. In a flash they were done. Willig was left without a band and idle hands. And you know what they say about idle hands.

Then, one day, all it took was an absence from his career of being a cobbler, a bass line, some guitar, a drum machine, computer, a couple of hours, a makeshift song title and a MySpace profile and he wasn't "just Tim" ever again. He was a project.

He was TimProject. Facing the overwhelming possibility of failure but also teeming with audacity. Against all good presumptions of what it is to be in a band or playing shows. Doing something where there was nothing before.

Sounds innocent enough. Right?

In a blitzkrieg of output, Willig already has a couple solo shows under his belt and more than a handful of interesting songs in his repertoire. Ranging from upfront "Rock & Roll" songs bearing his self-admitted influences of The Stooges and Funkadelic and others he calls his "space-out tunes," which feature a dose of good old psychedelic-ness, he's found something in his project that, with the help of his ever-updating MySpace profile, is getting him noticed.

And it's only getting better. Enter Make It Nasty, a vehicle that revives some Get Sweaty material mixed with some of TimProject's offerings. With an all-star lineup, it puts Willig back behind a guitar, beside a band and up on a stage fucking shit up his own special way.

He's just getting started. For a guy who lives on soda, donuts and Snickers Almond Bars, he seems to have a Midas touch of sorts.

He is Cincinnati's answer to Saturn's Polygon. His sound is just as mysterious and interesting as Saturn's sound. He's right: Outer space is the place. Gravity is a motherfucker.

I'm convinced. You have my eyes. Willig needs yours.

TIMPROJECT (myspace.com/TimProject) will perform with The Flower Beds at the Gypsy Hut Jan. 31. Check out performance times and find nearby bars and restaurants here.