Lung drops debut LP and hits the road again

The Indie Rock duo celebrates the release of its first full-length Saturday at Northside Tavern, marking the launch of another extensive U.S. tour.

Mar 15, 2017 at 10:17 am

click to enlarge Lung’s Kate Wakefield and Daisy Caplan - Photo: Rachelle Caplan and Natalie Jenkins
Photo: Rachelle Caplan and Natalie Jenkins
Lung’s Kate Wakefield and Daisy Caplan
Unique and impressive (and uniquely impressive… and impressively unique) Indie Rock duo Lung is releasing its first full-length album in conjunction with a free show Saturday at Northside Tavern (4163 Hamilton Ave., Northside, Cincinnati’s Pop Empire and Louisville, Ky.’s Pleasure Boys are also on the 10 p.m. bill.

Fueled by the dynamic vocals and imaginative cello work of Kate Wakefield and the sturdy, primal backbeat of drummer Daisy Caplan (former bassist of Foxy Shazam), Lung’s Bottom of the Barrel album is an extended version of the twosome’s album-previewing EP, which was released last year and has received love from various music sites, as well as international radio play.

Wakefield’s distorted cello grinds and slashes on tracks like “Actor” and the album’s title track, often serving the role traditional occupied by guitars, while her sometimes-layered vocals (coupled with Caplan’s hyper throb) add to the classic Post Punk vibe of tracks like “Peaches.” While obviously featuring atypical instrumentation, Lung’s songs rock with a fervor that would leave many furrow-browed hard rockers quaking in their boots. But it’s the omnipresent artsy quirk that makes the duo’s sound so irresistible.

Lung’s local release show also marks the launch of another extensive U.S. tour (the group’s third since forming just a year ago). The duo’s forthcoming tour includes more than 60 dates and will keep the pair on the road pretty much non-stop until early June.

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Start ‘Choppin’ ’

Friday at Chameleon (4114 Hamilton Ave., Northside,, producers Homage (CVG) and Waldo from Cincinnati celebrate their fun and creative collaborative album, Grocery Choppin’. The release is a beat-driven sound collage with each track relating to food and other grocery store-themes. The pair (known for their work in Hip Hop) seamlessly splices samples from various Funk, R&B, Jazz and Rock sources together to create hypnotic, soulful grooves, often with interspersed “spoken” clips from found recordings, TV shows and movies. 

Besides being a wildly enjoyable listen, Grocery Choppin’ also serves as a benefit/fundraiser for the planned Apple Street Market, a community grocery co-op in Northside. Friday, a crowd-funding campaign will be launched through Indiegogo to have copies of Grocery Choppin’ pressed; album sales all go to Apple Street. (Visit for more on the co-op.)

Friday’s free release show kicks off at 9 p.m. and will also feature Sons of Silverton — the Hip Hop duo featuring Cincy Hip Hop greats Kyle David (Five Deez) and Citoak (Watusi Tribe) — Vibe-One, Phonophage and Luck and Nikko of Know Prisoners

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Preview video:

More Local Notes

• Cincinnati’s The Lovers celebrate the release of their debut album with a free show Thursday at MOTR Pub (1345 Main St., Over-the-Rhine, The band is based around the singing and songwriting talents of frontperson Marjorie Bledsoe, who crafts lovely, heartfelt Pop/Rock songs full of honesty and introspection. The breezy tunes are augmented by moody atmospherics created with help from the rest of the band — Us, Today’s Kristin Agee on percussion and  bassist Jon Lattier of The Almighty Get Down. Visit (or click below) for more info.

• Cincy blast-furnace rockers Stallone N’ Roses are releasing their first EP, an eight-song, 16-minute affair, through Alfalfa Dreams Tapes and Records, a new label run by Mike Cipollone of Bummers Eve, which also features SNR’s singer/guitarist Jeff Seeger and drummer Tommy Lee Stallone. Guitarist Chris Schadler (Fists of Love) rounds out the band. The trio release-parties Saturday at Junker’s Tavern (4156 Langland St., Northside). Opening the free, 10:30 p.m. show is Vacation, which includes John Hoffman and Jerri Queen, producer’s of SNR’s EP. For more, go to

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