Marc Rizzo with In Rage and Parable Heresy

Jan. 16 • Inner Circle (formerly Annie's)

Jan 11, 2010 at 2:06 pm

In the Metal omniverse, there aren’t many purveyors of six-string mayhem that are better or busier than Marc Rizzo.

Spending a good deal of his time recording and touring with Max Cavalera’s dual projects — Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy — Rizzo somehow managed to crowbar into his triple stacked day planner a solo career, a couple of side projects (Inpsychlobleedia and Committee of Thirteen) and his label duties as the co-founder/president/A&R swami at Phlamencore Records.

An almost supernatural shredder with chops that are informed by everything from Metal and Classical to Latin and Flamenco, Rizzo wrote and recorded his new album, Legionnaire, over the past two years while he toured with Cavalera, utilizing his brief breaks to hit the studio and lay down his new tracks.

Rizzo grew up in New Jersey, an outstanding athlete who ultimately became an amateur boxer. He was a founding member of Ill Nino but left after five years due to creative restlessness. Within months of his departure, Rizzo joined Soulfly and started Phlamencore with his brother Luke. Since leaving Ill Nino in 2003, Rizzo has recorded three Soulfly albums, the debut Cavalera Conspiracy and Committee of Thirteen discs, three solo albums (2005’s Colossal Myopia, 2007’s The Ultimate Devotion and the imminent Legionnaire) and a Metal guitar instructional DVD. Rizzo has also been in the studio working on a new Soulfly album.

By the time you read this, he could very well have written a new album, launched a new side project and started a new branch of Metal called Sleep Thrash, because that’s clearly the only time left available for Marc Rizzo to accomplish anything.

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