Memphis Power Pop Band Super Low to Play Free Show at Northside Tavern

The group — which is reminiscent of Pop Rock heroes from Big Star to The Shins — performs alongside local favorites Knotts and Freedom Nicole Moore this Friday

click to enlarge Super Low - Photo: Flannery Harper
Photo: Flannery Harper
Super Low
The descriptor tags at the bottom of Super Low’s Bandcamp page are “Indie,” “Rock,” “Power Pop” and “Memphis.” Those five words sum up Super Low pretty succinctly and are obvious touchstones for a band that, whether consciously or not, are in the tradition of fellow Memphis Power Pop standard-bearers Big Star and the hordes of like-minded outfits that followed.

Led by singer, guitarist and main songwriter Tiger Adams, the band dropped its full-length debut in July, a self-released, self-titled album teeming with the kind of melody-infested tunes that should bring a smile to the face of fans from Brian Wilson to The Shins. Album opener “Unlimited Data” shimmers by way of intertwining acoustic and electric guitars and soaring keys. Anchored by propulsive drumming and accented by Adams’ modest but emotive vocals, it’s the kind of summery ear candy we need more of at such a dark moment in time.

“I write the chords and melodies and then I usually have our old keyboardist help write the instrumental melodies,” Adams said when asked about the band’s songwriting process in a recent interview with “I always end up sounding dumb when I try to explain what the songs are about, but I think they are about trying to find a balance between everything and probably helping me make sense of things.”

Adams is likely aware of Super Low’s clear genre antecedents, but he name-checks a somewhat surprising act as a big influence.

“Pretty funny answer, but… I looked up to MGMT when I first started,” he said in the same interview. “They were probably the first non-Alternative-heavy Rock band I listened to. Congratulations came out when I was in eighth grade and it really got me into songs instead of bad Hard Rock.”

Super Low - Live at Young Avenue Sound from ONE FOUR THREE on Vimeo.

Super Low performs alongside local favorites Knotts and Freedom Nicole Moore this Friday, Aug. 23 at Northside Tavern. The show is free.

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