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Newport, Ky., Punk group Hats Off has returned with its third effort, Accumulation, which gets the "CD release party" treatment this Friday at Top Cat's. The Wankers, F.R.A., Downhill Luke and 16 Pi

Jun 28, 2006 at 2:06 pm

Newport, Ky., Punk group Hats Off has returned with its third effort, Accumulation, which gets the "CD release party" treatment this Friday at Top Cat's. The Wankers, F.R.A., Downhill Luke and 16 Piece Bucket are also on the bill.

The band has bulked up their sound a bit with Accumulation. The former trio is now a quartet and this is their first CD featuring new guitarist Matt McClure. The addition adds even more sparks to their tornadic sound, which eschews the shiny, happy so-called "Punk" of today in favor of the reckless, high-speed adrenaline of '80s Punk Rock. Hats Off would have been perfect regulars at the old Jockey Club in Newport. "Don't Tell Me What I Don't Know" kicks off the album and introduces McClure in fine style, with blazing lead lines erupting and an almost Metal roar that'll singe your ear-hair. Elsewhere, gang vocals add the requisite "anthem" quality ("Something Better," "Searching For Identity"), and the band shows a newfound grasp of dynamics, shifting gears within several songs to showcase a more adventurous songwriting side. Tracks like "Mr. Fuckface" mix in a heavier Rock influence, complete with neck-straining screamage.

If the title "Mr. Fuckface" isn't a big enough hint, Hats Off have some fun lyrically, mixing adolescent nihilism and sincere introspection.

For example, a fairly serious look at alcoholism ("The Bottle") is followed by "One Special Night," about a gentleman caller who has worked up the courage to ask his gal pal for anal sex ("Would you still respect me if I fucked you in the ass?/I'll slide it in slow and if you like it I'll go fast"). Low-brow humor haters should probably stay away from that one.

While the band's willingness to expand from the traditional vintage Punk blueprint is admirable, the earnest "Holding On" is the album's biggest misstep. It's a billowing ballad featuring some solid playing, but it sounds like a 3 Doors Down cover, making it an odd inclusion amidst all of the Punk pyrotechnics. Thankfully, the band redeems itself on the last track, a blistering, triple-time take on The Beatles' "Eight Days a Week."

While a strong effort overall, Hats Off sound like they are still trying to find themselves musically on Accumulation, attempting new things to further their sound, like all great musicians. Their continued maturation should make for even better future releases. (

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