Merry National Concert Week to all (now hurry up and get some cheap concert tickets before they sell out)

Live Nation's promotional ticket offer runs through May 8 and includes cheap seats for shows at Cincinnati's Bogart's (while they last)

May 1, 2018 at 2:20 pm

Apparently, we are currently in the midst of “National Concert Week,” which kinda feels like a made-up thing concocted by the concert industry to get people to buy more concert tickets. (Insert chin-scratching emoji here.)

But it’s not as if you have to buy other people concert-related gifts or anything (like those insane, consumer-driven holidays like Sweetest Day or Arbor Day). Mostly it just means that you can buy tickets to various concerts for $20, so if you’ve been thinking about going to see some shows in the next several months, just take the deal and don’t fret about who’s behind the sham “week,” you insufferable curmudgeon.  

Live Nation is offering the $20 deals (hmmm, could they be the ones pushing this National Concert Week charade?) and there are several offers for shows in the Greater Cincinnati area. Unfortunately, while the participating local venues are listed as Taft Theatre, Great American Ballpark, U.S. Bank Arena and Bogart’s, only tickets for Bogart’s shows still appear to be available. If tickets for those other venues were available, the limited quantity offered was snatched up within a day, since NCW began April 30.

So… grab some $20 tickets for upcoming Bogart’s shows here before they’re gone! There are some good ones coming up, including The Sword, Arrested Development, The Neighbourhood, Old 97s and Wayne Kramer's MC5 tribute, MC50. National Concert Week ends May 8. When you click on a show, on the ticket-buying page click the ticket icon that says “type,” then select “$20 All In Tickets” to filter out the non-bargains. If you don’t see the $20 option, it means the allotted discounted tickets are gone and you’re out of luck.

And just so we're clear, this post counts as my National Concert Week gift to you. So we're good until next year, right?