Mice Parade

Jan. 31 • MOTR Pub

It’s been nearly a decade and a half since New York City percussionist Adam Pierce anagrammed his name in order to christen his new solo project Mice Parade. A veteran of several respected Indie bands, including The Swirlies, The Dylan Group and Philistines Jr., Pierce was looking to bring a fresh creative perspective to the wave of laptop bedroom Pop that was beginning to swell in the late ’90s. Pierce achieved this with his debut album, The True Meaning of Boddleybaye, a lo-fi, instrumental Electronic Indie Pop gem.

Within three years, Pierce had expanded Mice Parade from a studio entity into a full blown touring band and incorporated more stylistic elements into the mix; gauzy Shoegaze guitars, African rhythms, lilting Eastern melodicism, Brazilian Jazz slink, Folk/World acoustic simplicity. With the release of 2004’s Obrigado Suadade, Pierce offered Mice Parade’s first vocal presence (in the form of mum’s Kristin Valtisdottir) and 2007’s eponymous album inspired comparisons to Can, My Bloody Valentine and Brian Eno.

Mice Parade’s just-released ninth studio album, Candela, is a wild amalgamation of everything Pierce and his MP cronies of the moment have done so well since the days of Boddleybaye. “Listen Here” bristles with Eno’s aggressive Ambient stance, “Currents” mixes Prog expanse with Math Rock pointillism and “The Chill House” hearkens back to Pierce’s earliest forays into blending African-flavored melodies with Electro Pop atmospherics.

All of this should be viscerally powerful in the live setting; Pierce and fellow drummer Doug Scharin taking their typical places on dual kits, with members of HiM, The Dylan Group, Macha and mum fleshing out what may be the best Mice Parade to date.

MICE PARADE performs Thursday, Jan. 31 at MOTR Pub in Over-the-Rhine. Check out performance times and get venue details here.

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