Michelle Malone

June 4 • Stanley's Pub

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The term “criminally overlooked” has negative connotations, but nowadays more than ever a singer/songwriter or band or any musical entity can “make it” on their own terms (release music, build followings) and find their own success without going near the troubled waters of the mainstream. So don’t cry for Michelle Malone, the Southern-born-and-bred Roots Rock/Blues cult favorite who has built a legion of dedicated fans in her 20-plus year career.

Malone still spends over half her year on the road and last year she released her 10th album, Debris, to the usual critical fanfare. She might never achieve the chart heights of like-minded artists like Sheryl Crow (some would argue even Crow would have a hard time breaking the commercial mold these days), but to her fans Malone’s gritty, bluesy guitar playing, introspective and thoughtful lyrics and soulful vocals make her a superstar in every sense of the word.

Local singer/songwriter Carole Walker (The Walker Project, Heavy Weather) opens this 10 p.m. show.

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