MidPoint Indie Summer Series featuring Izzy and the Catastrophics

July 20 • Fountain Square

If you’re looking to dust off your dancing Keds or run a diagnostic test on your pacemaker or combine your aerobic activities with your club regimen, Izzy and the Catastrophics, the pride of Brooklyn, N.Y., should be your soundtrack of choice.

Featuring the estimable talents of gifted guitarist/frontman Izzy Zaidman (who once tore shit up behind the legendary Wayne “The Train” Hancock) and former Pinstripes trombonist Chap Sowash, Izzy and the Catastrophics have frankensteined together some Rockabilly legs, Swing feet, Honky Tonk arms, Rock & Roll hands, a Jazz heart and a Surf head, pumped a skadillion volts through the stitched up body and danced that meat marionette through every important musical style during the past five decades.

The Catastrophics’ latest album, Lucky Dragon Swing Buffet, Lunch, is a gin-soaked tour de force of slinky, sweaty danceabilly gyrations and needle-pegging volume knob calibrations all designed to put a syncopated spring in your ass that will keep you grooving for days and a smile on your face that a turkey baster full of Botox couldn’t nullify.

Izzy and the Catastrophics have the skills to pay the bills, provide the thrills, cure the ills, wipe up the spills, jack the jills, pepper the mills and fire up the grills and they can’t wait to see you at the front of the stage, begging them to stop and screaming for more.

IZZY AND THE CATASTROPHICS perform Friday, July 20 with Ha Ha Tonka and The Ridges at Fountain Square downtown. Check out performance times and get venue details here.

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