MidPoint Pop Quiz

Think you know everything about the MidPoint Music Festival? Pop quiz, hotshot

Sep 26, 2012 at 11:45 am

1) Believe it or not, there has been one band that has performed at every single MidPoint Music Festival. Name 'em.

2) Before selling it off to CityBeat in 2008, MidPoint was founded and operated by local musicians Sean Rhiney and Bill Donabedian. Name the two bands the musicians were most associated with at the time of the festival’s first year.

3) MidPoint’s current, masterful manager is Dan McCabe, a veteran local musician and longtime booking agent. Name the club at which McCabe first showcased his magical booking touch and the MPMF venue where he currently works that same magic year-round.

4) CityBeat is fond of putting musicians on the cover of its various MPMF issues and guides. Which local musician’s head was on the cover of CityBeat’s official MidPoint Guide issue in 2011 and with what band does he co-lead-sing?

5) Can you name MidPoint’s official mascot, that crazy dude with a top hat and giant mustache branded on much of MPMF’s merch and propaganda?

6) One of MidPoint’s originators founded a separate big music festival that debuted this year. Name the fest.

7) Which of the following has never been an official MidPoint venue:
a) BarrelHouse Brewing Company
b) The Overflow
c) Southgate House
d) Sung Korean Bistro
e) Madison Theater
f) Taqueria Mercado
g) Kaldi’s

8) MidPoint has flirted with the “Secret Show” concept the past few years (though not this year), showcasing a band not on the initial calendar as a special treat (or trick) for fans. Name the “Secret Show” band in 2010 and the one from 2008.

9) Name the only MidPoint Music Festival venue in 11 years to bail on the festival after it had already begun.

10) Every year, Brian Baker is CityBeat’s editorial MidPoint MVP, crafting about half of the write-ups for our official MPMF guide and blogging his brains out during every MPMF. Name the classic artist most referenced — by far — in Brian’s preview blurbs and the rewards he writes about questing for each year in his MPMF blogs.

Answer Key (no cheating!): 1) The Fairmount Girls; 2) Clabbergirl (Rhiney) and Crosley (Donabedian); 3) Sudsy Malone’s, MOTR Pub; 4) Mike Ingram, The Seedy Seeds; 5) Monty; 6) Bunbury Music Festival; 7) d; 8) Spacehog (2010) and Radio 4 (2008); 9) Cadillac Ranch; 10) Brian Eno and beer.