Mike Doughty

Feb. 19 • The Redmoor

Feb 9, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Mike Doughty is coming! Mike Doughty is coming!

Not sure who this elusive Mike Doughty is? What about Soul Coughing, his ‘90s rock band? You know, “Circles” and “Super Bon Bon”?

Mike Doughty’s days with Soul Coughing ended quite a while ago. We can’t tell you why — we don’t have spoiler text and we’d hate to take anything away from Doughty’s brand new, soul-baring memoir, The Book of Drugs. What we can tell you, though, is that The Book of Drugs is (surprise, surprise) about his years addicted to alcohol, weed, cocaine and heroin. Interestingly enough, Doughty says his drug problem wasn’t what disturbed him most. The disconcerting part for Doughty was realizing the alcohol he consumed between highs had turned him into an alcoholic, like his grandfather.

Now that he’s no longer a drug-addled Rock star (is that redundant?), Mike Doughty is returning to the stage. He’s touring for three months and providing fans with a fairly unique concert/book-reading experience.  During shows, Doughty reads from his memoir, takes audience questions and performs songs from his new album, Yes and Also Yes

Doughty’s new music features the same distinct voice and rhythm construction that made Soul Coughing so cool. Hopefully, the literary insight and familiar sound will take away some of the sting from not hearing “Circles.”

MIKE DOUGHTY plays Sunday, Feb. 19 at The Redmoor with ALI EDWARDS. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.