Minimum Gauge: 50 People Contacted the FCC to Complain About Adam Levine's Nipples

Plus, Ja Rule's losing streak continues after video of his awkward NBA halftime performance goes viral and the planned Amy Winehouse hologram tour is on hold as producers deal with unspecified "sensitivities"

Feb 26, 2019 at 9:59 am

click to enlarge Adam Levine shaking his moneymakers at the Super Bowl, no wardrobe malfunction required. - Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot
Adam Levine shaking his moneymakers at the Super Bowl, no wardrobe malfunction required.
HOT: Man-Nipplegate or Nah?

People on social media had a lot to say about Maroon 5’s performance at the most recent Super Bowl halftime show and practically none of it was about the Pop band’s music. About 50 people took things a step further and filed official complaints with the FCC, all centered on two specific aspects of the show — singer Adam Levine’s exposed nipples. The gist: While Janet Jackson’s entire career was allegedly derailed when Justin Timberlake ripped off her top during their infamous nipple-exposing “wardrobe malfunction” 15 years ago at the Super Bowl, Levine’s two nipples got extended airtime and there was no fallout or fine. Generally attempting to make a point about the double-standardness of it all, a sampling of the FCC complaints acquired by The Hollywood Reporter are along the lines of this one from a California viewer: “Janet Jackson should be issued a formal apology and Adam Levin (sic) should issue a formal apology for showing his nipples and horrible tattoo choices on live television.”

WARM: Ja’s Losing Streak (Continued)

Things haven’t been going great for Ja Rule lately. After getting repeatedly dunked on by longtime nemesis 50 Cent, this year everyone was reminded of his role in founding the disastrous Fyre Festival thanks to a pair of popular documentaries. More recently, a cringe-inducing video of Ja’s performance at the halftime of a ’90s-themed NBA game made the rounds, featuring the rapper attempting to hype up the crowd only to be met with icy silence. “Are you ready?” Ja yelled. “I guess not,” he self-replied.

He responded to the ensuing mockery by saying his “sound was fucked up,” then put a curse on the Minnesota Timberwolves, who had eagerly joined in on the pile-on via Twitter (as did, of course, Mr. Cent).

COLD: This Week in Holograms

Those who somehow got excited for a chance to see an Amy Winehouse hologram perform on her (its? their?) upcoming tour will have to wait. Announced last year, the 2019 tour (which reportedly has the full blessing of the Winehouse’s estate) is being delayed due to tech issues, according to show producers BASE Hologram. Described as “a cross between a Broadway show and a concert spectacle,” the company said the production has “encountered some unique challenges and sensitivities.” As a general rule, "sensitivities" are probably low on the list of considerations when putting together cash-cow hologram tours.