Minimum Gauge: ‘American Pickers’ Buys Rusty Ol’ Rock Band Van for Thousands of Dollars

Aerosmith’s charming piece-of-junk early touring vehicle discovered; Keith Urban needs a credit card; Zedd’s curious about shower gel.

Aug 9, 2018 at 10:17 am
click to enlarge "Steven Tyler, lawyers for the Robert Crumb estate are on line two." - Photo: American Pickers/Twitter
Photo: American Pickers/Twitter
"Steven Tyler, lawyers for the Robert Crumb estate are on line two."

HOT: Junk Collectors Pay $25K for Junky Van

The hosts of TV show American Pickers recently scored a unique piece of Rock & Roll history. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz found the small van Aerosmith used to travel to gigs in their earliest days on a piece of rural farmland in Chesterfield, Mass. Showcased in a recent episode of the duo’s show, the van featured an amusing hand-painted band logo and a “Keep On Truckin’” knock-off. The land-owner gave up the rusty ol’ vehicle for $25K.

WARM: Australian Ne'er-Do-Well Bailed Out By American Teacher

A substitute teacher decided to do a good dead while hitting up a Wawa convenience store/gas station, but turns out the man for whom she helped pay the bill likely had enough money to buy the entire store. Country star Keith Urban was reportedly filling up and getting snacks when he realized he didn’t have enough to pay. In stepped New Jersey’s Ruth Reed, who had previously made a resolution to help out Wawa shoppers down on their luck. She pitched in the few bucks to cover the man’s deficit and, though it took a minute, was shocked to discover it was Urban, who was in the area for an arena show later that night. Urban either forgot or doesn’t carry his credit/debit card — maybe he was maxed out?

COLD: DJ Mystified by Shower Gel Placement

Viral moments don’t take much these days. Superstar producer/DJ Zedd found that out when he mused why the hotels he stays at put the shower gel on the sink and not in the shower. Presumably peeved at having to get out of the shower to retrieve the tiny bottle of gel (which, in many hotels, would too easily slip off those weak-ass shelves in their showers), one has to wonder why grabbing it before entering hasn’t become muscle memory for someone who probably stays in hotels more than half of the year.