Minimum Gauge: Animal Collective plays show for two young fans after all-ages mixup

Animal Collective plays for a pair of young fans shut out of 18-and-up show; Tool tells fans to quit being negative, compares long album wait to eating an Arby's mistake; Liam Gallagher can still charm up some publicity with his mouth.

click to enlarge Animal Collective is cool to its young fans - Photo: Tom Andrew
Photo: Tom Andrew
Animal Collective is cool to its young fans

HOT: Animal Collective Is for the Children

Avant Garde Indie rockers Animal Collective prefer to play all-ages venues while on tour. So the members were bummed when they found out at the last minute that a show in Edmonton, Canada was only open to fans 18 and up. The band unsuccessfully tried to find a different venue and offered refund info for underage ticket buyers on Twitter. Two people who responded received a very cool and rare treat — AC invited the youngsters to the venue for an intimate pre-show set, exclusively for them.

WARM: Tool Preaches Patience (Weirdly)

Legendary modern progressive rockers Tool know fans are eager for them to finish their first new album in more than a decade. But bitching about it online and “disavowing” the group over the wait isn’t going to help. In a recent newsletter written by the band’s webmaster (but signed by each band member), such passionate “Tool trolls” were taken to task for spreading negativity online. The newsletter tried to point out the upside of positive thinking with an apparently true-life parable about getting served the wrong food at Arby’s and, instead of complaining, eating the mistaken order and finding out it’s even better! Point taken — but does anyone “eagerly anticipate” eating at Arby’s?

COLD: Don’t Phase Me, Bro

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher was the star of the news section of the website for British music publication NME during the week leading up to the U.K. premiere of a documentary about his former band. Like in Oasis’ heyday, the site turned endless quotes from the singer (mostly about nemesis/bandmate/brother Noel) into full-page stories. Highlights include Liam saying that he will release a solo album that will put certain people in their place (but if it fails, he will “fuck off forever”), that he’d cut his kids off financially if they went to a Noel concert and that he’d patch things up with his brother for his mom’s sake (and all that sweet Oasis reunion cash).

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