Minimum Gauge: Beyoncé angers white people

Beyoncé draws ire for appearances on the CMA Awards and a Hillary Clinton rally; a new board game with a Death Metal theme is currently in the Kickstarter phase; opening band sues Mötley Crüe for $30 million, alleging hazing and other mistreatment.

click to enlarge She sees you watching, Donald. - Photo: Asterio Tecson
Photo: Asterio Tecson
She sees you watching, Donald.

HOT: Beyoncé Angers White People

Pop superstar Beyoncé recently creating a whirlwind of rage within two different fan bases. First, some Country music fans were outraged by her performance with The Dixie Chicks at the CMA Awards, which drew complaints that ranged from purists not wanting “Pop” in their pageantry (though Justin Timberlake’s appearance last year didn’t muster a peep) to blunt racism. Also likely playing into the backlash were Beyoncé’s social and political views, which were made even more unambiguous when she and hubby Jay Z performed at a rally for Hillary Clinton. That appearance angered the Republican candidate for president so much, he was still talking about it on Election Day, insisting the celebrity couple’s bad “language” in their music trumps his own.

WARM: Playing with Death

If your biggest anxiety about impending holidays is always over what to get your Death Metal-loving relative or friend, you soon may be able to earn some extra Doom cred by gifting them a Death Metal-themed board game. Far more than just a Cattle Decapitation-themed Monopoly game, Cryptic Explorers is an intricate sci-fi/horror game loaded with Black/Doom/Death Metal references that was created by hardcore fans of the music (think Dungeons and Dragons, but, you know, darker). It’s currently in the Kickstarter phase of development.

COLD: Crüel and Unusual?

New York band The Raskins reportedly paid $1 million to open dates on Mötley Crüe’s lengthy farewell tour in 2014, but the group is reportedly trying to recoup that “pay-to-play” dough (and then some) with a new lawsuit. Besides being forced to play short sets to mostly empty venues, the band claims it endured months of hazing from the Crüe’s road crew, including being squirted with water guns full of urine during a show. To make up for the alleged broken contract and bad treatment, The Raskins are seeking $30 million.

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