Minimum Gauge: British band presses vinyl album with singer's mother's ashes

New edition of Idles' debut includes a piece of mum; Justin Timberlake to return to Super Bowl more than a dozen years after flashing Janet Jackson's breast; ex-Blink-182er is now building a spaceship.

Oct 24, 2017 at 10:45 am

click to enlarge You can see Joe Talbot's late mother's ashes in this photo of Idles' limited-edition pressing of their debut album. - Photo:
You can see Joe Talbot's late mother's ashes in this photo of Idles' limited-edition pressing of their debut album.
HOT: A Fitting Vinyl Tribute

It’s been said that listening to music on vinyl offers a depth and warmness you can’t get from digital files. Another unique thing vinyl can offer? Human bodily matter. “Liquid vinyl” releases (where fluid visibly moves around within the record) have included human blood, pee and hair, while the band Perfect Pussy infused its singer’s blood into the vinyl during the pressing process. A surprisingly sweet twist on the “trend” comes from British band Idles, which recently pressed 100 copies of its debut album, Brutalism, with the ashes of singer Joe Talbot’s late mother. Talbot said it was a tribute to how important she was to him, the band and the album, which also featured a photo of his mom on the cover. The album is available beginning Oct. 30 here.

WARM: Bringing Sexy Back?

Though not even at the halfway mark of the current NFL season, a few things are certain about this year’s Super Bowl: the game is Feb. 4; it’ll be held in the covered and heated U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis; the Cincinnati Bengals won’t be playing; and Justin Timberlake will be performing the halftime show. Unless the NFL decides to get cheeky and playful (ha!), don’t place a bet that one of the celebrities making a cameo during Timberlake’s set will be Janet Jackson — February’s appearance is the ex-NSYNCer’s first since 2004’s Super Bowl, when he tugged on Jackson’s outfit to reveal her bejeweled nipple (relive the horror here if you dare), a moment that remains the NFL’s biggest controversy outside of the murder and brain damage stuff. Fitting for our current times, the announcement came with a new controversy over the Timberlake's booking, with some saying it's unfair that "all is forgiven" when it comes to Justin, while Janet has never received such an apparent olive-branch (the NFL responded by saying she isn't "banned" from appearing, while Jackson's people say she'd be open to performing with Timberlake if he asked).

Odds that Jimmy Fallon makes a cameo, however, are astronomically high:

COLD: DeLonge Still Spacey

Singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge has been mocked a lot since leaving Blink-182 due to his award-winning “studies” of aliens and UFOs, which he claims is backed by government higher-ups. Now he wants to build a spaceship. DeLonge announced on Facebook (like all great scientific researchers) that he is seeking investors and partnerships to cover the enormous cost of building the “ElectroMagnetic vehicle,” which he says will “travel instantaneously through space, air and water by engineering the fabric of space/time.”  Laugh, but when we’re all finally teleporting thanks to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Saint DeLonge, he’ll probably make sure aliens ban you from galactic travel.