Minimum Gauge: Broadway star's relative Twitter-punches white nationalist

Notoriously punchable alt-right moron Richard Spencer takes punches from the music world; Morrissey pulls ill-advised T-shirt; Charles Manson is doing more for the environment than your president.

Mar 22, 2017 at 10:12 am

HOT: He Did “Nazi” That Coming

Punchable white supremacist Richard Spencer apparently loves music, but recent Twitter exchanges suggest the music world doesn’t love him back. After jokingly claiming one of his favorites, Depeche Mode, was the “official band of the alt-right,” the group immediately released a statement denouncing Spencer, with singer Dave Gahan recently clarifying that he thinks Spencer is “a cunt.” Then, after Spencer tweeted a clip from Cabaret of the song “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” in response to a news editor telling him to take his “trash philosophy back to the 1930s,” former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander gave Spencer some context. “That song you love was written by my uncle,” Kander tweeted at Spencer (referring to John Kander of composing team Kander & Ebb). “He’s been married to my other uncle for 40 years,” the tweet continued. “And he’s a Jew. Sing it proud.”

Spencer's greatest hit:

WARM: Bull Shirt

In a bizarre twist on “cultural appropriation,” former Smiths singer Morrissey recently removed from his website a T-shirt reportedly slated to be sold on his upcoming tour. While surely meant as a tribute (or maybe a knowing PR stunt?), the shirt featured the face of legendary African-American writer/activist James Baldwin surrounded by an unfortunate quote from The Smiths’ 1987 song “Unloveable” — “I wear black on the outside, ’cause black is how I feel on the inside” — which had previously made it an anthem for mopey, black-clad outcasts worldwide.

COLD: New Manson Release

Many are doing more for the environment than our regulation-rollback-crazed president, even one of the most infamously evil people of all time, Charles Manson. A vinyl release of songs Manson recorded while in San Quentin prison in the ’80s has been released, but since the notorious cult leader/accused murderer cannot profit from sales of the record while serving his life sentence, the proceeds benefit the nonprofit environmental protection group Air Trees Water Animals.