Minimum Gauge: Death From Above bassist clarifies connection to white-nationalist group

Jesse F. Keeler responds to allegations that he's a "Proud Boy"; New Zealand political party loses "Lose Yourself" court battle; Fox News show riles up coveted Radiohead-fan demographic again.

Pre-scandal, Death From Above's Jesse F. Keeler (left) asks his bandmate if he knows anything about this Gavin McInnes fella - PHOTO: LYNDSEY BYRNES
Photo: Lyndsey Byrnes
Pre-scandal, Death From Above's Jesse F. Keeler (left) asks his bandmate if he knows anything about this Gavin McInnes fella

HOT: Bassist Says He’s Not a Nazi
Amid a flurry of defensive statements from musicians in response to public accusations of sexual harassment and assault, Jesse F. Keeler of Death From Above recently responded to allegations of a different (though also sadly timely) sort. After a post on Medium pointed out that Keeler appeared to be friends with Gavin McInnes, an “alt-right” leader who founded the troubling Proud Boys organization, the bassist released a statement denying he is a “White Nationalist.” Keeler (whose mother is from India) said he met McInnes when his band was featured in Vice magazine (which McInnes co-founded) and he had appeared on more recent Proud Boys video podcasts, but after noticing increasing violent and radical tendencies, he distanced himself from McInnes shortly after the 2016 election. Despite McInnes’ claim otherwise, the “deeply heartbroken” musician said he isn’t a Proud Boys member, though he admitted that he went to an election-night party with McInnes and other members due to his “morbid curiosity.”

WARM: Everything to ‘Lose’
Not long after New Zealand’s National Party lost its parliamentary edge to the opposing Labour Party, a court ruled that it must pay Eminem’s publisher more than $400,000 after finding that a song used throughout a 2014 campaign was “substantially” and “sufficiently similar” to the rapper’s “Lose Yourself” and violated copyright. Besides the blatant musical similarities, the rip-off’s title — “Eminem Esque” — probably didn’t help the party’s case. Eminem announced he would donate whatever money he receives in light of decision to victims of the recent hurricanes.

COLD: Even Coldplay Knows It’s Ludicrous  
Outside of news reporting and commentary (which they perhaps do “well” in an evil, deceptive, Karl Rove-type way), Fox News is exceptionally bad at comedy and, as of late, music criticism. After being widely ridiculed for describing Radiohead’s music as “just elaborate moaning and whining over ringtone sounds” following the announcement of the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination, alleged comedian Kat Timpf returned to Fox’s “hip” Greg Gutfield Show to, I guess, capitalize on the publicity, further insulting the British group and showing a complete lack of the musical timeline by stating, “Radiohead is a fine band, but they stole everything from Coldplay." Which, actually, is pretty hilarious. (For the record, Radiohead released its influential classic third album, OK Computer, more than three years before Coldplay even released its first album.)

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