Minimum Gauge: Grace Slick donates Chick-fil-A's dirty money to LQBTQ organization

Yes, Grace Slick gave Chick-fil-A permission to use a Starship song in a commercial, but there's a twist; if you think Trump's bad, how about a "Kid Rock/Ted Nugent 2020" ticket?; gossip sites mock "drunk" David Cassidy, who then reveals he has dementia.

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click to enlarge Grace Slick in 1967
Grace Slick in 1967

HOT: Donating the Chicken Scratch

If it seemed weird to hear a song that Classic Rock icon Grace Slick sang on used in a Chick-fil-A commercial (even if it is “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” a grating Pop tune by distant Jefferson Airplane offshoot Starship), the singer herself is in your corner. In an op-ed for Forbes, Slick revealed that the company — which has notoriously been connected to anti-gay marriage efforts — “pisses (her) off,” but she allowed the song to be used in order to “spend the cash in direct opposition to ‘Check’-fil-A’s causes.” Slick said she is donating all of her money from the commercial to Lambda Legal, which fights for the rights of those in the LGBTQ community.

WARM: It CAN Get Worse!

If you think it’s awful that an unhinged businessman/reality TV star is the president, brace yourself — it might get worse! After it was reported that Kid Rock was being courted to run as a Republican for senator in his home state of Michigan, a more experienced right-wing loony rocker — fellow Michigan native Ted Nugent — hinted that he may also run for office in the state. Nugent said he wants to remove the “embarrassing high-crime (Democrat) smudges in the state.”

COLD: From Laughter to Tears

In a single day, some celebrity gossip sites did an entire tonal 360 in its coverage of one-time Pop idol David Cassidy. After posting clips from a performance by Cassidy that showed the singer having trouble keeping his balance and slurring his speech, many of the tabloids insinuated that he was drunk and reminded everyone of his struggles with alcohol and/or DUI arrests over the past decade. The ridicule subsided instantly when — hours after the performance — Cassidy revealed that he was suffering from dementia. Perhaps to give truly awful people something to do between social-media trolling fits, TMZ kindly re-ran the concert video footage with its update story about Cassidy’s condition.

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