Minimum Gauge: De La Soul's Landmark Debut '3 Feet High and Rising' Isn't Coming to Streaming (Yet)

After pushback over a seemingly unfair deal with the group, '3 Feet' label Tommy Boy cancels streaming launch. Plus, a pair of Metalcore bands played a Knoxville Wendy's and Imagine Dragons has had enough with the bullying from Slipknot and others

Mar 4, 2019 at 4:39 pm

click to enlarge De La Soul - Photo: foto di matti (CC By SA 3.0)
Photo: foto di matti (CC By SA 3.0)
De La Soul
HOT: De La Soon?

Fans of Hip Hop group De La Soul likely experienced some emotional whiplash in recent days. On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the trio’s landmark debut, 3 Feet High and Rising (which was March 3), word surfaced that it was headed to streaming services after years of absence due to outdated contracts and 3 Feet’s many samples (Warner Bros. reportedly resisted clearing the samples due to the costs). But in a litany of Instagram posts, the group claimed that the label releasing the music, Tommy Boy, would receive 90 percent of the proceeds and was taking a “deal with it later” approach to possible copyright lawsuits over uncleared samples. The streaming rollout planned for March 1 was delayed amidst a call for a boycott (Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service refused to carry it), with Tommy Boy saying it was willing to negotiate with De La.

WARM: Do Fries Go With That Metalcore?

The unexpected feel-good story of the week comes via Metalcore bands Capital Vices and Makena, who stopped at a Wendy’s in Knoxville for a bathroom break and ended up rocking out for the restaurant’s customers and crew. The band members said they were joking with employees about playing a set, but then were asked to actually play by the manager, who requested it as a birthday present. Photos and video suggest there was a fairly sparse turnout as the musicians played for about 10 minutes. Hopefully they got some free Frosties out of the deal.

COLD: Band Bullies

The unlikely war of words between Slipknot and Nickelback seemed to have softened somewhat since its crescendo in 2017, when Slipknot’s Corey Taylor said Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger had a “face like a foot" (among other things) and Kroeger said Slipknot was making up for lack of musical ability by wearing masks. But the feud nobody wanted recently took another unnecessary turn when Taylor turned his ire to Imagine Dragons, saying the hitmakers had taken the “worst band of all time” title away from Nickelback. ID frontman Dan Reynolds responded by saying such comments (from other artists too, including Smashing Pumpkins and, somehow, The 1975) are just “click-bait horse shit” and a form of bullying that has added to his depression. “I don’t feel anger towards them actually, just more of a sadness that this industry embraces, even celebrates this mentality,” Reynolds said in the social media response.