Minimum Gauge: Jury Rules That Katy Perry Hit "Dark Horse" Ripped Off Christian Rap Song

Plus, Ed Sheeran now holds the records for the most attended and highest-grossing tour of all time and A$AP Rocky's release from Swedish jail makes U.S. president giddy with puns

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Katy Perry

HOT: Costly ‘Horse’
A federal jury has ruled that Katy Perry’s 2013 hit “Dark Horse” borrowed heavily from a 2008 Christian Hip Hop track by Flame (with guest Lecrae) called “Joyful Noise.” Perry and her collaborators and label were ordered to pay the rapper nearly $2.8 million for the alleged infringement. Musicologists argued in court for both sides, with Perry’s team saying most of the similarities are “basic building blocks of music.” Several pundits have warned that the decision, like the infamous one involving Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” sets a dangerous precedent and will hinder music creation and songwriting going forward. Perry’s team says they plan to fight the ruling.

Be the judge:

WARM: Ed’s the Richest
Quick: Who has the most attended and highest-grossing tour of all time? Paul McCartney? U2? The Rolling Stones? Garth Brooks? Nope — as of Aug. 2, Ed Sheeran holds the honor, with his two-year Divide tour smashing U2’s record. A tour stop in Germany reportedly put Sheeran over the top, with an estimated $736.7 million raked in so far; U2 set the record in 2011 with its 360 tour (though with only 100 shows, compared to Ed’s 255) taking in a then-record $735.4 million. Sheeran has a handful of dates left on the global trek, which, in May, also set the record for most attendees, breaking U2’s record of 7.3 million fans, also set on the 2011 tour. Unlike U2, Sheeran doesn’t have to split the pot with bandmates — the singer plays shows completely solo, with his guitar and loop pedals.

COLD: A$AP Punny
The Swedish judge in a case stemming from a fight involving Hip Hop star A$AP Rocky allowed the rapper to go free and return to the U.S. ahead of a verdict in his trial, which is expected Aug. 14. Accused of assault (he says he was defending himself), prosecutors are seeking a six-month jail sentence. President Trump, who earlier attempted to lobby the Swedish government for Rocky’s release, took time out of presidentin’ to tweet some cringey puns — “It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP!” The U.S. reportedly warned Sweden there would be "negative consequences" if Rocky wasn't released.

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