Minimum Gauge: Lady Gaga fans set up "soccer mom" accounts to game new single airplay

Lady Gaga fans faked "soccer mom" accounts to help the singer's new song get more airplay; Nelly fans who want to help the rapper with his tax debt have a lot of streaming to do; Travis Scott sells $12 toy as official "merch" for $50

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click to enlarge Lady Gaga's new single — monster- tested, soccer mom-approved?
Lady Gaga's new single — monster- tested, soccer mom-approved?

HOT: Soccer Monsters

A Lady Gaga fan site devised a curious tactic to help their favorite singer’s new single get radio play. To give the appearance that the song “Perfect Illusion” was thrilling more than just Gaga die-hards, the site told fans to create fake Twitter accounts with “soccer mom selfie” avatars and bios that talk about “three kids and a husband,” then promote the tune. Many fans did just that, finding stock “mom” photos online and tweeting Gaga love alongside tweets about parenting, cooking and wine. One user reportedly tweeted, “My husband is dead. I don’t want to remarry. Buy Perfect Illusion on iTunes,” while another showed a woman in a neck brace with a tweet saying she crashed her minivan when she first heard the song.

WARM: Streams for Nelly

Another fan base is also rallying to have people spin a popular artist’s song, although for altogether different reasons. When reports surfaced that rapper Nelly reportedly owes nearly $2.5 million in back taxes, a social media campaign was started to get people to stream the MC’s “Hot in Herre” on endless repeat on Spotify to raise the money. But with Spotify’s payouts per stream maxing out at around $.0084, Spin estimated the song would have to be streamed 287,176,547 times to earn enough to pay the debt, which adds up to nearly 1.5 billion minutes of “Hot in Herre.”

COLD: Repurposed Merch

Rapper Travis Scott topped the Billboard album charts this week with his Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Fans and the press also caught the rapper trying to pull a fast one with at least one item in his new merchandise line. Playing off the winged image on the album’s cover, a few items in Scott’s merch line look like they could be bought at a truck stop — bald eagle T-shirts galore — but one item was found to definitely not be a Scott original. Fans discovered Scott’s “Birds Plush Toy” was the exact same stuffed eagle toy being sold on another site for $12.99. Scott’s “eagle” will cost you $50.

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