Minimum Gauge: Moby Thinks He “Knob-Touched” Donald Trump

Plus, sports teams are pulling "God Bless America" and severing other Kate Smith ties after allegations of racism and Chris Brown wishes death by a “speeding bus full of mental patients” upon Chvrches

Apr 29, 2019 at 3:05 pm

HOT: Moby Thinks He “Knob-Touched” Trump

In an extremely odd brag, Dance music legend Moby says that in 2001 he pulled his “flaccid penis” out at a party (“mainly full of businessmen and real-estate developers”) and covertly attempted to rub it on now-President Donald Trump. MoMoby’s story which, technically, sounds like sexual assault — is apparently part of his new memoir that was excerpted in the UK’s The Sunday Times and is full of tawdry tales of excess from his past. To be fair, he said he only thinks he “knob-touched” the future prez — though it was his intent, he’s unsure if his, uh, knob actually grazed Trump’s jacket.

WARM: Kate Smith Backlash

A statue outside of pro hockey team the Philadelphia Flyers’ arena of 1930s superstar singer Kate Smith has been removed over allegations of racism. The accusations recently began after some pointed out Smith songs like “That’s Why the Darkies Were Born,” as well as a 1939 ad she appeared in featuring a “mammy” character. The Flyers (and baseball’s New York Yankees) had earlier removed Smith’s version of “God Bless America” (the most well-known rendition of the classic song) from its game playlists due to the allegations.

COLD: Chris Brown: Still Scummy

Indie/Electronic group Chvrches recently issued a statement critical of marshmallow-headed DJ/producer Marshmello (with whom they’ve worked) for recording the single “Light It Up” with Chris Brown and Tyga, who they called “predators and abusers.” In response to the band expressing its disappointment, Tyga commented on Chvrches’ Instagram post about the matter by admitting to making mistakes. Brown, on the other hand, responded randomly to a “#FBF” post on the group’s Instagram account, calling the musicians “BUNCH OF LOSERS” and wishing death by “speeding bus full of mental patients” upon them. The group also says it has been receiving death threats since posting the statement.