Minimum Gauge: New radio format targets coveted 'Latina strippers Of Tampa Bay' demographic

Florida radio station "El Booty" launched, then revealed as promo stunt; Chris Brown fills in nicely for Donald Trump as resident 'Saturday Night Live' critic; Dr. Phil exploits mental illness again, features woman waiting for her Michael Jackson money

click to enlarge Sadly, Latina strippers in Tampa Bay will have to find something else to listen to on the radio. - Radio photo: Ivan2010
Radio photo: Ivan2010
Sadly, Latina strippers in Tampa Bay will have to find something else to listen to on the radio.

HOT: Teasing Strippers

A new, very narrowly focused radio format launched recently in Florida… but it didn’t last too long. Calling itself “The Official Station For Latina Strippers Of Tampa Bay,” a channel called “El Booty” went live on the 106.9 FM frequency with a playlist featuring hyped, dancer-friendly Hip Hop. But the launch only lasted hours — turned out it was a stunt. The actual channel, Playa 106.9, went on the air the day after the “El Booty” announcement, playing a mix of classic Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and other Latin music stylings. And the Latina strippers of Tampa Bay wept.

WARM: Chris Brown in 2020?

The new president didn’t, as of press time, fulfill his duties as Saturday Night Live critic for the long-running (and, people are saying, very overrated) TV show’s Jan. 21 episode. Though Alec Baldwin took a week off from impersonating him on the show, President Trump was still a prime target, particularly during host Aziz Ansari’s opening monologue. But since Ansari called Trump “the Chris Brown of politics,” the singer/accused batterer subbed for the prez on Instagram, even borrowing his tone by writing of the accomplished comedian (whose parents are from India), “Somebody tell Aladdin hop off my dick!”

COLD: Phil in the Exploitation

The ever-exploitative Dr. Phil show recently featured a woman (called a “former model”) who allegedly stopped working and became homeless because she believed she was the subject of Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal.” Annie (the name repeatedly referenced in the song) felt Jackson spied on her and then used her story of being in an abusive relationship for the song, therefore entitling her to the rights. The show brought on an engineer who worked on the track, who told Annie that Jackson actually got the name from a CPR dummy in the studio. Then Dr. Phil got into his limo and went off to his mansion (presumably) as Annie’s face and story were plastered all over his show’s promos.

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