Minimum Gauge: Trump may have killed Journey

Journey founder hints at rebuilding band with new members after three members' Oval Office visit; K-Pop fans loves BTS so much she shoved a hammer in her mouth; eBay halts Chester Bennington funeral memorabilia auction.

Aug 9, 2017 at 11:59 am

click to enlarge Journey (for now) - Photo: Travis Shinn
Photo: Travis Shinn
Journey (for now)
HOT: Trump May Have Killed Journey

The members of recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Journey are currently squabbling, and if the group breaks up over it, they’ll only have themselves to blame. Oh, and Donald Trump. After photos of three current Journey members visiting Trump in the Oval Office surfaced, guitarist (and sole original member) Neal Schon went on an extensive Twitter tirade; he wasn’t angry because it was Trump, but rather because there was an understanding that Journey would never associate itself with anything political. Schon suggested that he might rebuild the band with different members, even hinting that he may get estranged singer Steve Perry involved, which could end up being the biggest success of Trump’s presidency (presuming he is unable to get The Smiths to reunite, of course).

WARM: Fan Nails It

What would you do to prove your dedication to your favorite musical artist? A young fan of K-Pop boyband BTS told a friend one of the singers was so attractive, she could shove a hammer into her mouth. After a dare, the fan did just that, but the (toy) hammer got stuck and the resulting photos made her briefly internet famous/infamous. To save you some search time — no, BTS does not have a song called, “Girl, Shove a Hammer In Your Mouth.” Yet.

COLD: Profiting on Tragedy

The tragic passing of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington is making people money. The band members have already decried the proliferation of bootleg “R.I.P.” merchandise, but some vultures have gone even lower, attempting to sell lanyards and service programs given to those who attended the singer’s funeral on eBay. After fans reported the auctions, the site removed them (they violated rules against profiting off of “human tragedy and suffering”). For a more positive way to remember Bennington, there will be a memorial at Riverbend Music Center at 6 p.m. this Saturday, the same day Linkin Park was scheduled to perform at the venue.