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Poet sues Insane Clown Posse over video in which Violent J reads his work as if was his own; Korn bassist replaced by a 12-year-old; Andy Warhol estate involved in convoluted Prince-related lawsuit.

Apr 12, 2017 at 12:44 pm
click to enlarge A juggalo upon hearing that Violent J isn't a deep and sensitive poet - Photo: Flickr user cgolonkiewicz
Photo: Flickr user cgolonkiewicz
A juggalo upon hearing that Violent J isn't a deep and sensitive poet

HOT: Deep Clown Turns Sued Clown

Who knew those dudes in Insane Clown Posse were so in tune with their emotions that they read Chicken Soup for the Soul? ICP twist: Then they stab it in the neck! Or at least they steal poetry from it and try to pull it off as their own, allegedly. The rapping literal clowns are being sued by an Ohio poet after a nine-year-old YouTube video of ICP’s Violent J reciting his “But You Didn’t” poem (and receiving love from juggalos for being so deep) was brought to his attention. Stanley Gebhardt had his work copyrighted in 1993 and it was published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book and engraved in a memorial for veterans in North Merrick, N.Y. “But wait,” my Juggalo brethren are probably yelling, “how do we know J even pretended he wrote it, ninja?” Uh, the video was titled “Violent J’s Poem.” (Apologies for the headline if my terminology is off — the English-to-juggalo Google translator wasn't working. I will hit this guy up next time.)

It is pretty deep tho:

WARM: Tweenage Dream Job

Korn bassist Fieldy can’t do his band’s upcoming South American tour run, so the band found a replacement. Tye Trujillo got the gig, but he probably had to ask his dad first — because he’s 12 years old. In Tye’s case, he was also probably pretty confident pops would say yes because his dad is Hard Rock veteran Robert Trujillo, bassist for Metallica. True confession: When I was 12, I hid in the bushes in front of a neighborhood church and threw mudballs at passing cars.

Badassery confirmed:

COLD: Prince and the Convolution

Ah, another week, another dead pop cultural icon’s estate suing a photographer who took a photo of another dead pop cultural icon so the photographer doesn’t sue the estate first. Pop Art legend/Velvet Underground pimp Andy Warhol’s estate is suing Lynn Goldsmith after learning that she was considering suing the estate over Warhol’s use of her 1981 photograph of Prince as the source for his series of paintings of the music legend. Warhol’s people say the works are “transformative” and therefore “fair use.” They claim Goldsmith long knew about the art, granting a license for use of one of the paintings on a 1984 magazine cover, but Goldsmith claims she only found out about the artwork last year when another magazine used a piece on its cover.

Photo by Flickr user cgolonkiewicz; used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.