Oct. 20 • Southgate House

If you’re walking around Newport on Thursday and run into adults with horror-flick make-up or awesomely spiked hair, don’t fret — you haven’t missed out on an early Halloween party. Misfits are playing at Southgate House and the band’s fans like to turn out in style.

After 30 years and multiple lineup changes since their beginnings in Lodi … er, Hell, Misfits have finally released a new album and are currently out touring in support of it. When the Horror-Punk-Metal band careens through Newport, expect nothing less than a crowd of 40-somethings and kids who appear to be their offspring (but probably aren’t) flailing around angrily while having the time of their lives.

Founded in 1977 by Glen Danzig (of, yes, Danzig), Misfits emerged onto the still-young Punk scene alongside bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. Their first two albums, Walk Among Us and Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood, are still considered must-haves in any music fan’s collection of Punk. The next 30 years consisted of a decade-long legal battle with Danzig over the continuation of the band without him, as well as a series of break-ups, reunions and anniversary shows, and a constant rotation of band members. The most current line-up consists of Eric “Chupacabra” Arce, Dez Cadena (once of Black Flag) and original member Jerry Only.

In early October, Misfits released The Devil’s Rain, marking the first full album of Misfits originals in over a decade.  At almost an hour long, the new album strays the furthest from Misfits’ Punk origins with a decidedly Metal sound, but that hasn’t swayed the fans. After all, The Devil’s Rain is still full of classic Misfits themes (vampires, the dead, the undead), bellowing vocals and screaming guitar. What more could a Punk kid ask for?

The MISFITS play the Southgate House Thursday, Oct. 20 with guests JUICEHEAD AND SITUATION RED. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.

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