Moon Music?

Plus, bassist to be reunited with denim vest and Grammys get knocked for lack of Natalie Cole tribute

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HOT: Moon Music?

Were the astronauts on Apollo 10 being serenaded by aliens as they passed around the far side of the moon during their mission in 1969? Probably not, but there is still no good answer as to what the whistling “outer space-type music” (as one astronaut called it) they heard when normal radio transmissions went silent. The “music” — recordings of which are being broadcast on Science Channel’s NASA’s Unexplained Files — lasted for about an hour and the astronauts never mentioned it to mission control.

WARM: Vest of Luck

A bass player for a Metal band called Maniak is soon to be reunited with his long-lost denim vest, after it went on an epic journey. The bassist lost the vest — which he’d covered in Metal band patches — during the band’s first gig at a high school “battle of the bands.” Three years later, he will be reunited with it after the vest showed up in a display at Macy’s in New York. One of the bands that had a patch on the vest took a photo of the display, and word got back to the bassist. Macy’s initially wanted photographic proof that the vest belonged to him, but the store was satisfied with the musician’s ability to name the patches on the back (unseen in the display photo).

COLD: In Memoriam Overload

Sadly, this year’s Grammys ceremony seemed to feature almost as many tributes to artists who died in the past year as it did award presentations, and not everyone was happy with how the deceased were honored. Natalie Cole’s family expressed displeasure that the nine-time Grammy winner was only featured for about 10 seconds as part of the Grammys’ video tribute to late music biz players, while David Bowie, Maurice White, B.B. King and Glenn Frey all received extended performance tributes. Motorhead’s Lemmy also received an on-stage tribute by supergroup The Hollywood Vampires, though it reportedly took some bargaining by Dave Grohl to make it happen.

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