Morning Teleportation

June 2 • MOTR Pub

How does a band start off with influences as seemingly benign as The James Gang and Crosby Stills Nash & Young and come out the other end of the music grinder sounding like the bastard love child of Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Pavement and Animal Collective? Whatever mechanism is required for just such an occurrence, it’s well oiled and working at prime efficiency for Morning Teleportation.

The band coalesced six years ago when Chicago guitarist/vocalist Tiger Merritt relocated to Bowling Green, Ky., to attend Eastern Kentucky University and met natives Paul Wilkerson (bass), Travis Goodwin (keyboards) and Tres Coker (drums). Since then, Morning Teleportation has focused on creating a wildly frenetic sound comprised of stabbing shards of Psychedelia, noodly Jam Rock, schizophrenic Math licks, rollicking Afro Pop, propulsive Space Rock and squiggly Electronica.

Like a magician shoving singing swords into a black box containing a Rock critic assistant, Morning Teleportation rams its influences together at cross purposes without damaging the avant-garde sonic personality at their core, creating a wildly eclectic sound from disparate sources and with an almost unhinged energy. The Modest Mouse reference is relatively direct; MM frontman Isaac Brock was so impressed with Morning Teleportation’s supporting presence that he signed them to his fledgling label, Glacial Pace Recordings and released the band’s debut album, Expanding Anyway, back in March.

Now based out of Portland, Ore., Morning Teleportation is poised to capitalize on their appearances at the Bonnaroo and Sasquatch festivals and the buzz being generated by Expanding Anyway. Morning Teleportation’s rocket-sled-through-the-funhouse soundtrack is guaranteed to have a physical impact; strap in, hold tight, scream loud, have a ball.

MORNING TELEPORTATION plays MOTR Pub Thursday, June 2 with guests THE BRIGHT LIGHT SOCIAL HOUR. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.

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