Olympic Songs, Black Keys Sue and Beatles Desecration

Danny Boyle reveals his Olympic playlist, The Black Keys sue Home Depot and Pizza Hut for ripping them off and Beatles desecration hits an all-time low with ZhuZhu Pets Meet The Beatles.

click to enlarge See — it's a real thing!
See — it's a real thing!

HOT: Playlist of Champions
If I remember correctly, when the summer Olympics were in Australia, the opening ceremonies used two Men at Work songs, INXS’s greatest hits and 43 versions of “Waltzing Matilda” for the soundtrack. But popular music in the U.K. has a bit of a deeper bench, so opening-ceremony director Danny Boyle had a tough task assembling the playlist for this summer’s games. Besides the travesty of including not one song from legendary vocal group Spice Girls, Boyle did a nice job, featuring Beatles, Bowie, Stones, Kinks, Queen, Sex Pistols, Duran Duran, New Order, Led Zep, The Clash, Adele, Coldplay, Elton John and Tom Jones, as well as “Relax” by the iconic Frankie Goes to Hollywood. He tried to sneak in something from Green Day; luckily someone told him Billie Joe Armstrong merely fakes a British accent when he sings.

WARM: The Keys to a Successful Ad Campaign
Rock superstars The Black Keys seemingly have no qualms about their music being used to sell … well, pretty much anything. But Home Depot and Pizza Hut are learning that the duo actually likes to be compensated for it, even to sell power tools and whatever a “cheese-bite pizza” is. The band is suing both companies for co-opting their songs without permission. The group issued a response sponsored by Subaru Legacy that read, “We were so surprised when we heard about the ads, we pulled over our sleekly-designed 2012 Legacy Sedan — with its spacious interior and symmetrical all-wheel drive  — to call our attorneys.”

COLD: Zhu Gotta Be Kidding Me
For decades, hearing a Beatles song anywhere outside of a Beatles song was jarring, so protective was the band of its legacy. Today, “Hello Goodbye” is a jingle for Target and we don’t even flinch. Beatles desecration reaches a new low on July 31 when obnoxious toy robot hamsters ZhuZhu Pets drop their latest joint, ZhuZhu Pets Meet The Beatles, a full-album cover of the Fab Four’s landmark early LP, Meet the Beatles. (Fun trick: If you listen backwards to the end of “All My Loving,” you can hear, “I buried Mr. Squiggles.”) We eagerly await Yoko Ono’s not-hard-to-get-anymore endorsement (“It’s what John would have wanted”).

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