Papadosio with EarthCry

Nov. 29 • Bogart's

Nov 26, 2013 at 12:12 pm
click to enlarge Papadosio (Photo: Aaron Lingenfelter)
Papadosio (Photo: Aaron Lingenfelter)

For the past seven years, Papadosio has been bridging the gap between icy Electronic music and meandering, monolithic Jam epics by warming up Synth Pop’s brittle chill and giving Jam explorations both a concise power and a discernible destination. From Papadosio’s formation in 2006, the Athens, Ohio, quintet has clearly understood the correlation between the genres it blends, eliminating the negative elements while accentuating and expanding the positives in order to create a hybrid that hums with improvisational excitement and unfolds with compositional precision.

Although Papadosio — guitarist/primary songwriter Anthony Thogmartin, bassist Rob McConnell, brother keyboardists Sam and Billy Brouse and drummer Mike Healy — identifies more directly with Electronica, the band’s sonic profile prominently exhibits Prog Rock, Dance music and Jam components. The latter is reinforced by an astonishing light show choreographed by a quartet of gifted computer techs that dazzle the crowd visually while Papadosio provides the mind-melting, ass-shaking soundtrack.

Papadosio spent five years in Athens, releasing three albums, gaining a broad following and earning a reputation for its increasingly impressive stage presentation, proof of which is found on countless live digital downloads. 

In 2010, the band relocated to the Asheville, N.C., area and began work on its magnum opus, last year’s polished and wonderfully constructed double album, To End the Illusion of Separation, which highlights Papadosio’s musical mastery while offering a message of tolerance, healing and unification for all mankind. 

If that sounds a little churchy, so be it. Head to the sanctuary, put your money in the plate and pass the sacrament; Papadosio is about to rock the pulpit with a Progtronic vengeance.

PAPADOSIO plays Bogart's Friday, Nov. 29, with EarthCry. Find more info here .