Paul Thorn

Sept. 22 • Madison Theater

You know who there aren’t enough of in America? Guys like Paul Thorn.

Thorn plays a loud version of Americana, a bluesy, Southern Rock. His lyrics often illustrate stories about rough lives, hard times and rowdy women, making him a sort of funkier Johnny Cash. His voice and demeanor make him seem a little rough around the edges. Yet he’s a kind guy who often dotes on singers that open for him and seems to get along with his band.
Raised in Tupelo, Miss., Thorn is a lot like the guys you used to see in movies — not pretty but definitely attractive and not necessarily romantic but certainly kind. He twangs or strums away on his guitar while singing in his deep, wise “I’ve lived six lifetimes in less than 50 years” voice. He’s tan-ish and built, too, a holdover from his time as a professional boxer. He also looks a little like he’s spent some time in prison. If Paul Thorn were in a movie, he’d deceptively look like a bad guy but he’d definitely be good. He’d have two love interests — Mary-Jane Watson and a Catwoman. Most importantly, his super power would be a voice that makes villains fall to their knees.

Paul Thorn’s got a purdy mouth, y’all, and just wait until you hear what comes out of it.

PAUL THORN plays Saturday, Sept. 22 at Madison Theater in Covington. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.

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