Play “Spot the Cincinnati Musician” in the New Music Video from Indie Rock duo Lung

The unique cello/drums act unveils the first publicly available music from its forthcoming second album release, ‘All the King’s Horses’

In late June, Cincinnati Indie Rock duo Lung (featuring engaging singer/songwriter/cellist Kate Wakefield and Foxy Shazam’s Daisy Caplan on drums) announced that its second album, All the King’s Horses, would be coming out via area label SofaBurn Records on Sept. 7. Late last week, New Noise Magazine premiered the music video for the first single from the album, the mesmerizingly dynamic and swaying “Butcher.” Watch the clip below.

For the New Noise premiere, Wakefield described how the video came together.

“We recorded ‘Butcher’ this past winter and the song reflects the stir crazy insanity that you feel in your own skin — surrounded by your own life — growing up feeling like you are the weirdest person on Earth and like you just need an escape,” she said. “When I sat down to write the video treatment, I just let my imagination go a bit wild. I wanted to create images that reflected the hilarity of being human, with a bit of the grotesque edges of it thrown in there as well. I wanted to create different narratives that intertwined: the bizarre woman in the bathtub surrounded by her imaginary blindfolded tea party, the 2 suburban women in the picnic scene-first introduced as bored and ordinary— but then when you get to know them a bit, you delve into their alter egos and their dream selves, and also a bit of my own reality — (Caplan’s wife and Lung collaborator) Rachelle, Daisy and I getting into ridiculous arguments in front of the first van we toured in.”

Wakefield also talked about the video’s cast, which features several fellow Cincinnati musicians, including Us, Today’s Kristin Agee and Brianna Kelly, who fronts Soften and also works with bands like A Delicate Motor and Comprador.

“When we were thinking about who we wanted in the video, we ended up picking a bunch of folks from our local Cincinnati music scene-both people who go out to shows, local photographers who we’ve worked with and bands that we really like,” Wakefield said. “Even our friend who shot the video, Patrick Hague, is in a band I love (Moira). The day of filming was particularly fun. We did it super DIY — shot it at Daisy and Rachelle’s house — and made all of the sets ourselves. (Rachelle), one of my best friends and a brilliant artist/activist, did the makeup, costumes and art direction.”

All the King’s Horses (which is slated to be issued on vinyl by SofaBurn in late October) follows Lung’s superb debut full-length, Bottom of the Barrel. The hard-touring twosome is currently in the midst of another epic cross-country jaunt, with shows in the coming days throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Pre-orders for All the King's Horses are open now — visit for details ("Butcher" is currently available to stream on Spotify.). In the description of the new album on SofaBurn's site it says "there is a more demanding and provocative edge to (King's Horses) that illustrates undeniable feelings of paranoia and unease with the onset of the Trump presidency. 'We were in Texas during the election. Nobody could believe it. We were playing small towns and big cities alike. The feeling was intense; a new uncomfortable normal began to take over,' said Wakefield on the experience."

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