R.I.P. Phife Dawg

Plus, Dave Grohl continues

Phife Dawg was just 45 when he passed away due to complications from diabetes
Phife Dawg was just 45 when he passed away due to complications from diabetes

R.I.P. Phife Dawg

A Tribe Called Quest rapper Phife Dawg’s unexpected death brought out a diverse chorus of tributes that showed just how far Phife’s and ATCQ’s influence spans. Along with rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Talib Kweli, tributes came from sports figures (Kobe Bryant), TV legends (writer/producer David Simon), indie rockers (Sean Lennon, Jenny Lewis), actors (Elijah Wood, Kerry Washington) Broadway stars (the cast of Hamilton) and even a traffic reporter for a TV station in Atlanta, who worked Phife lyrics into reports when the rapper’s death was announced.

In Defense of Loudness

Dave Grohl recently wrote to the U.K. city of Cornwall in defense of a muzzled teenage garage band. Metal act Black Leaves of Envy wrote to Grohl about how a noise ordinance made it impossible for them to practice. Grohl then contacted the town’s council expounding on the importance of encouraging young people’s creativity, and also mocking the city’s noise restriction (30-40 decibels max), calling it “approximately the level of a dishwasher at 15 meters distance.” The letter was posted to the Foo Fighters’ website along with extensive instructions on soundproofing (ever thoughtful, there is even a PDF download of the instructions. OK, we get it, Dave, you're a good guy.)

A Homey Beatles Collection

A Beatles fan recently purchased the small, dilapidated row house in Liverpool where Ringo Starr reportedly lived from ages 3 to 23. The buyer, Jackie Holmes, has also acquired homes associated with the childhoods of George Harrison and John Lennon (the Lennon house actually belonged to John’s mother, Julia; John lived with his aunt growing up). Holmes is planning on renting Starr’s old pad, for which she paid just under $100,000, a bargain compared to her other purchases — Julia Lennon’s former residence and Harrison’s childhood home both went for more than $200,000 each. Keeping Holmes from being the ultimate Beatles completist was an anonymous buyer who purchased Paul McCartney’s childhood home last year for more than $200,000. If it's any consolation, I bet Pete Best's flat is a bargain (both childhood and current).

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