Recommended Concerts: Castlecomer with Passeport (July 26)

Thursday at Woodward Theater

Jul 24, 2018 at 3:42 pm
click to enlarge Castelcomer - Photo: Provided
Photo: Provided

Castlecomer checks all the boxes for an ambitious Indie Pop group in the new millennium. The handy pronunciation guide on the band’s Facebook page indicates that their Australian lineage and lingual constructs should lead you to call them “Castlecoma” regardless of the spelling. Castlecomer is the name of a coal-mining village in Ireland — the town where the band’s family emigrated from. The group, which is comprised of four cousins and their close friend, has also adopted that charming first-name-only boilerplate from so many Dance Pop predecessors, making it easy for potential fans to remember Bede, Tommy, Joe, Neely and Patch (for the record, everyone’s a Kennedy, save for Neely, who’s a Neely as well as the band’s second Joe).

On Australia’s Triple J Unearthed website, Castlecomer cited influences as diverse and cool as Courtney Barnett, Foals, The Wombats, Circa Waves and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, while fan reviews called out similarities to the Bravery and The Strokes, referring to their track “Get In Line” as “an absolute banger” and a “feel good lollipop indie dance jam.” The band definitely straddles the Indie Rock/Pop line, much like our own Walk the Moon, veering between pure dance floor fodder (“If I Could Be Like You”) and U2/Coldplay/INXS-like anthemics (“All of the Noise”).

Although Castlecomer has been releasing tracks from their debut album since late last year, the album doesn’t appear to be out officially just yet. The quintet, active for the better part of six years, has been steadily releasing EPs and singles and garnering significant airplay since 2013, becoming a fairly big deal on their home shores and playing some of Australia’s biggest festivals, attracting a fervent following in the process. Early this year, Castlecomer signed with Concord Records and relocated to Nashville with the intention of being immersed in a full-time music environment — mission accomplished. The band’s current summer circuit is their first major headlining tour and, for all intents and purposes, their introduction to American audiences. America, meet Castlecomer. Castlecomer, meet America. Everybody dance, awright? 

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